The world’s financial crisis affected each country in a unique way. Spain and Portugal were under huge pressure and consumption went amid.

Retailers know it very well and are still seeking to make up for the lost revenues.

As things get better, one may never be the same, it won’t be about reducing operational costs to save margin.

It will be all about real market potential, there’s a hidden opportunity in every place, around every store.

The Brazilian economic crisis imposes an even more hazardous environment to its retailers. You probably do or know someone who does business there. It is hard only to begin.

Still, there is something special which every Brazilian retailer can rely on.

It may come as a surprise, but they operate using bottom up market figures built up from such a small scale as a city block. In any given city.

Power and precision to make the right decision during permanent turmoil.

How does it work?

You probably heard of Location Intelligence before. Well, we are proud to say that it has evolved to a whole new level.

What once was a sophisticated tool for dedicated market and intelligence analysts,
is now entirely accessible to those who hold the real demand for it, the business makers.

Say goodbye to those long and expensive market evaluations.

Meet Eva

Eva is a Business Smart software that runs numbers, crosschecks them, verifies and correlates the data to find patterns and point out valuable insights. Doing it so by following a solid and proven track record analysis framework.

A methodology that goes back to the 50’s when Professor William Applebaum started his studies on Store Location Strategies and all the upcoming improvements.

It is a solution for Real-Life-Decision-Makers, which accumulate numerous other functions, but need to be conscient regarding what is happening everywhere.


  • No specialists needed, reducing your cost and time to get to meaningful and high impact insights.
  • No additional and expensive BI softwares.
  • Be an early adopter and reach first for the best opportunities.


  • Move faster than any other competitor by having solid insights without the assistance of a skilled specialist.
  • Target more assertive opportunities and go reach out for them knowing they are the best.
  • Make the most out of your locations’ potential.

Geographic DNA

Highlight your success factors, pointing out your sales drivers and their intensity ineach branch.

Finding your network’s success factors will serve as an input for high-impact decision making, such as opening new units or repositioning existing ones.

Performance correlations with demographic variables and network characteristics may explain the possible reasons for good or poor performance.

Market Outlook

Your real sales performance could be surprisingly higher than what they are. Understand the hidden potential and find out ways to plug the gap.

Performance vs.
Potential matrix

A different perception on your business performance. See which branches outperform their demographic potential and those which underperform in order to prioritize investments and elaborate more assertive business initiatives.

Urban Segmentation

What changes when you simply cross the street? Cities broken down to segments in ways that impact how you should shift tactics.


Grow bigger by mirroring your success cases in uncharted places. Eva searches for regions that have a high resemblance to your Geographic DNA, the kind of place where your company is most likely to perform nicely, leaving little room for unpleasant surprises.

Our Work/Who we are

Geofusion is a cloud-based location analytics solutions company invested by Intel Capital and DGF.

Our products provide Location Intelligence that enables high impact decision making to over 400 companies.

With over 20 years of services provided to local and multinational companies, it is widely considered a world class player.

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